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Rue Hédi EL Karray El Menzah IV, 1004 Tunis
BP 10 Ariana 2080 TUNISIE
Phone: (+216) 71 709 033 / (+216) 71 719 630 / (+216) 71 230 039
Fax: (+216) 71 717 951
Email: inrgref[at]

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1996: Creation of the National research Institute of rural engineering, Water and Forests (INRGREF), the Finance Act published in JORT 29 December 1995. This establishment has merged the INRF and the CRGR, it has a financial autonomy and placed under the guardianship of the IRESA.

1970: Fusion Project CRUESI specializes in the field of salinity with CREGR to give birth to the CRGR, multidisciplinary research institution.

1966: Creation of the National Institute of Forest Research by the Finance Act No. 66-79 of 29/12/66.

1965: Creation of the Institute of Reforestation Tunis with the assistance of the Special Fund of the United Nations.

1962: Establishment of the research center using of saline water in Irrigation (CRUESI) with the assistance of the Special Fund of the United Nations and UNESCO.

1959: Foundation of the first Tunisian research center on water: CREGR.

1957: Creation of the forest research station in Tunis and setting up a network of arboretum in different regions of the country.

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23-06-2021 : MAGO PRIMA Project / Management of Water 2020 / PRIMA initiative - Horizon 2020, the European Union’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.


Scientific Events

February 6 - 10, 2017 - Hammamet, Tunisia : Regional Statistics Course