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The Scientific Council is the forum for discussion and proposal on scientific policy establishment. It is advisory in nature and perform the duties provided by Article 3 of Decree No. 97-938 of 19 May 1997, namely:

  • Give advice on all matters relating to scientific policy establishment and in particular research programmes to be undertaken;
  • Propose the establishment, cancellation and the transformation of research laboratories and research units;
  • Follow the research activities of the institution. To this end, the Director General of the institution shall make available to members of the scientific council an annual report of activities of various laboratories and research units of establishing at least one month before the council meeting on the subject;
  • Propose recovery activities and application of research results and information activities and scientific documentation;
  • Propose professional development activities it deems necessary;
  • Give advice on the proposed agreement scientific cooperation;
  • Express the needs of different structures of the institution in scientific and technical personnel;
  • Examine the final reports of the scientific establishment.
    The Director General may refer to the council any matter relating to the research activity of the institution.

The scientific council is composed as follows:

  • The director general of the institute: president.
  • Secretary General of the institute: reporter
  • The heads of research laboratories : members.
  • The head of the unit utilisation of research results: member.
  • The head of unit for information and literature: member.
  • Heads of units experiments agricultural members.
  • Four representatives of the research staff of the National Institute for Research in agricultural engineering, water and forests elected in accordance with procedures established by joint order of the Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources and Minister of Scientific Research, Technology and skills development: members. The mandate of elected members on the Scientific Advisory Board is set at four years. It is renewable only once. In the event of a vacancy for any reason whatsoever, a new member is elected for the remaining period of this mandate and within three months.
  • Six eminent scientists from academia and scientific research and socio-economic sector chosen for their competence and experience in fields related to the missions of the institute. They are appointed by the Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources on a proposal of the President of the institution of research and higher education agricultural after consulting the Director General of the institute: members. The mandate of these members is set at four years, renewable.

The scientific council shall be convened by its chairman three times per year at least, to discuss issues on the agenda of the meeting proposed by the Director General. Invitations are sent at least fifteen days before the meeting. The board meetings are only valid if half of its members at least are present. Otherwise, it is conducted within eight days, another meeting that the council may hold a valid irrespective of the number of those present.

In addition to its regular sessions, the Scientific Council of the Institute holds an annual session evaluation of the scientific activities of the institution. To this end, in addition to the members planned, the executive director of the institute can invite to this session of two to four eminent scientists outside because of their competence in the areas of the institute, with advisory opinion.

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23-06-2021 : MAGO PRIMA Project / Management of Water 2020 / PRIMA initiative - Horizon 2020, the European Union’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.


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