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Rue Hédi EL Karray El Menzah IV, 1004 Tunis
BP 10 Ariana 2080 TUNISIE
Phone: (+216) 71 709 033 / (+216) 71 719 630 / (+216) 71 230 039
Fax: (+216) 71 717 951
Email: inrgref[at]

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The INRGREF works with several international structures Research (IRD, ICARDA, CIRAD, AOAD, ACSAD, FAO, CIHEAM, IAEA, CEMAGREF, INRA France, INIA-Portugal, FUSAG-Belgium, Italy Cagliari University, CSIC Madrid, Univ. Autonomous Barcelona, EU, INRF Algiers, and ENFI IAV Hassan II Morocco, ...). There is an active participation of researchers at the INRGREF several international projects of cooperation:

A dozen projects with the European Union (INCO-DC).

The bilateral cooperation with France, Belique, Portugal, Morocco and Egypt.

Interregional cooperation between the IAEA and INRGREF.

The achievement of more than 20 consultations per year in irrigation and forestry is another strong point of international cooperation in INRGREF.

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23-06-2021 : MAGO PRIMA Project / Management of Water 2020 / PRIMA initiative - Horizon 2020, the European Union’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.


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